Should You Get a Gold or Zirconia Crown? 6 Benefits of Each

What type of dental crown is right for you

Dental crowns are used to protect and restore damaged or weakened teeth. Crowns can be necessary when tooth decay or cavities have caused extensive damage or a tooth is severely cracked or broken. They can also provide a better source of treatment if a tooth has a large filling covering more than half of the tooth. Finally, dental crowns are used after root canal procedures to protect and strengthen treated teeth, or for cosmetic reasons to improve the appearance of a discolored or misshapen tooth. When placed by a skilled dentist, your crown can help improve the function of your damaged tooth and its appearance.

Gold or Zirconia Dental Crown: the Benefits of Each

Failing to treat tooth decay or tooth damage can have serious consequences on your oral and overall health. When left untreated, this can lead to tooth pain, infection, tooth loss, gum disease, and other health issues, such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and respiratory infections. For this reason, if your tooth needs damage or restoration, a filling or dental crown is the best course of action.

When your dentist at Dixon, Boles and Associates determines that a dental crown is needed for your tooth, the next decision is whether to use gold or zirconia. Though the choice between the two materials will depend on your needs and preferences, both have their own unique benefits.

Benefits of Gold Crowns 

  1. Durability: Gold is long-lasting and highly durable, able to withstand the heavy forces of biting and chewing. Not only that, but gold is highly resistant to corrosion. This means it will not deteriorate or degrade over time when exposed to the moisture in your mouth. 
  2. Biocompatibility: Gold is well tolerated by the body, highly unlikely to cause adverse or allergic reactions.
  3. Seals well: These crowns are designed to fit precisely over the prepared structure of your damaged tooth, creating a seal that prevents leakage and protects the tooth from further damage or decay. Further, gold crowns are crafted using advanced technology that ensures a high level of accuracy. As a result, your dental crown will fit snugly at your gum line, reducing the risks of bacterial infection or infiltration.
  4. Minimal tooth removal: Preserving as much of your natural tooth as possible is generally best. As such, gold crowns require less tooth preparation than other types. This means more of your healthy tooth will remain after the procedure. 
  5. Resistant to wear and tear: Gold crowns last a long time because of their durability, and are also highly resistant to wear and tear. Gold has a very low coefficient of friction, which means it does not wear down the adjacent teeth or the natural tooth structure as much as other materials, like porcelain or composite resins.
  6. Easy to adjust:- As gold is a relatively soft metal, it is easy for dentists to adjust and polish the gold crown for a perfect fit.

Benefits of Zirconia Crowns 

  1. Tooth-colored and aesthetically pleasing: Zirconia crowns have a natural tooth-like appearance. They can be color-matched to your surrounding and adjacent teeth, making them a popular choice for any teeth that are visible when you smile.
  2. Easily modified: Zirconia crowns can be matched to the color of your existing teeth and can be reshaped to help you achieve the perfect bite. This means that once your zirconia crown is fitted, it will look, feel, and function just like your natural tooth. You’ll likely forget it is there after just a day or two.
  3. Biocompatibility: Similar to gold dental crowns, zirconia is a biocompatible material well-tolerated by the body and unlikely to cause allergic or other adverse reactions.
  4. Strength: Zirconia is considered up to five times stronger than porcelain and, as such, can withstand the forces that come from heavy biting and chewing.
  5. Minimal tooth removal: Similar to gold crowns, zirconia crowns require less tooth preparation than other materials. This means we can preserve more of your healthy tooth structure during crown placement.
  6. Fast turnaround: Zirconia crowns are made with CAD/CAM technology, allowing a faster and more efficient turnaround time than traditional dental crowns. In some cases, your zirconia crown can be made and placed all in the same day.

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