8 Reasons Getting Adult Orthodontic Treatment Is Worth the Investment

Discover the benefits of experiencing orthodontics as an adult.

Have you considered investing in orthodontics as an adult? If you are concerned with crooked or misaligned teeth, you have more options than ever before. While you may think of orthodontics as only for children or adolescents, orthodontics is an excellent way to address issues with your smile as an adult as well.

Whether it’s your first time going through treatment or you had braces when you were younger, you can benefit from orthodontics as an adult in several ways. 

What are braces for adults? 

Braces for adults are the same as braces for kids. It is the process of straightening the teeth and correcting issues with the bite. There is no required age for braces, but it’s often started during the teenage years and takes one to three years to complete.    

Metal wires and brackets are the most common form of orthodontic treatment. Square brackets are cemented to the front of the teeth and connected with various wires that apply pressure and gradually move teeth into the desired position.  

Clear aligners are another popular type of orthodontic treatment. Instead of uncomfortable pieces of metal, clear aligners are made from plastic and fit over the teeth. Every two weeks, you wear a new set of aligners to slowly shift teeth into a new position. 

Benefits of Choosing Orthodontics as an Adult 

There are many benefits of going through orthodontics as an adult. The most obvious reason is to perfect your beautiful smile. But orthodontics as an adult has many other advantages, including:  

1. Healthier Teeth and Gums 

Most people don’t realize how the alignment of their teeth impacts their teeth and gums. Having crowded or crooked teeth can make proper oral hygiene challenging because you can’t work the floss between teeth that are too close. 

It is also difficult to properly brush hard-to-reach areas. This results in plaque buildup, increasing the risk of developing cavities or gum disease.

Routine dental cleanings help maintain your oral health, but they won’t resolve the problems associated with misaligned teeth. Treating your teeth with orthodontics could save you money from going through treatment for cavities or gum disease. 

2. Better Breathing

Disordered breathing is more common when there are problems with the position of teeth. When you can’t breathe properly through your mouth, it changes the pH levels and increases the risk of cavities. Completing orthodontic treatment can resolve these issues at any age. 

3. Improved Speech 

When you speak, your tongue moves against the teeth to determine how certain words are pronounced. Crooked teeth or other problems with the bite could interfere with how a person speaks, causing a lisp or a whistle when talking. 

Investing in braces as an adult can correct this pronunciation, creating better, more articulated speech. Fixing these issues may help anyone who has experienced trouble with public speaking.

4. Better Digestion 

Braces correct the gaps and spacing between teeth. Correct tooth spacing makes it easier to chew food and break it into smaller pieces before it moves into your stomach. This can improve digestion and allow your stomach to digest food faster. You’ll experience less bloating, gas, and other stomach-related issues. 

5. Improved Overall Health      

Your mouth is connected to your overall health. Correcting problems with the position of your teeth can affect your entire body. For example, straightening your teeth can help you brush better, reducing plaque that leads to the inflammation often linked to clogged arteries.

When you don’t have trouble chewing your food, your body will absorb the nutrients better, making you stronger. If you can breathe better, you’ll sleep better, and everyone knows the importance of sleep! 

6. A Stronger Jawbone 

Losing bone density as you age is common, making your teeth shift. The position of your teeth directly impacts your jawbone and can create extra pressure when chewing or biting. Eventually, this could lead to jawbone erosion as you age. 

7. Boosted Confidence 

Children who go through braces typically grow up to have better self-esteem. But you’re never too old to take charge of your confidence and achieve a smile you’ll love showing off.

Investing in adult orthodontics can help reposition your teeth to create the smile of your dreams. It can boost your confidence and improve your quality of life.  

8. No Permanent Changes 

Other dental treatments can address spaces and crooked teeth. But some of them, like veneers, require a natural tooth to be permanently altered. Some of the enamel must be removed to help the restoration adhere to your tooth. This is a permanent solution that only treats a few issues. 

With orthodontics, the results are long-term, but treatment is not. Treatment length varies between patients, but it could last as little as a year! And you won’t need permanent alterations to your teeth to receive this orthodontics.  

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