5 Reasons Your Teeth Need Dental Care While Wearing Invisalign

Even with Invisalign you need to take care of your teeth

Invisalign doesn’t replace your routine visits to the dentist.

Invisalign makes orthodontic care a breeze, and many Invisalign patients really enjoy the treatment process. Not only does Invisalign allow teens and adults to covertly straighten and realign their teeth, but the design of the removable aligner trays makes oral hygiene much easier to maintain.

Rather than having to battle finicky wires and brackets while brushing or flossing, Invisalign wearers can simply pop out their clear aligners, take care of their smile as usual, and replace them afterward. In addition to your thorough at-home dental hygiene routine, it’s also crucial that you continue to see your dentist for preventive dental care while wearing Invisalign. 

Remember, your dentist and your orthodontist are a team. Although you may be visiting your orthodontist quite often during treatment, these appointments aren’t a replacement for general dentistry.

Here are 5 reasons why professional dental care is such an important factor in your Invisalign treatment plan.

1. Cavity Prevention

Invisalign doesn’t prevent cavities from occurring, even if you are a fastidious brusher who always removes their aligner trays before eating. It’s still possible for cavities to occur due to bad bacteria lurking in and around your teeth. Keep in mind that clear aligners do inhibit saliva flow, which would normally wash away bacteria on the surfaces of our enamel.

Getting a cavity while wearing Invisalign doesn’t usually stop treatment from occurring, but it can slightly delay the process. For this reason, it’s important to see your dentist every six months or perhaps even every four months if you’re at a higher risk for tooth decay.

2. Plaque Buildup Removal

Brushing and flossing after meals will go a long way in keeping your teeth clean, but a hygienist is the only one with the skills and tools to completely remove plaque from all of the nooks and crannies. You can make your hygienist’s job easier by brushing thoroughly for two minutes, flossing with proper technique, and being careful to only replace your aligners on clean teeth.

Most dentists will recommend Invisalign wearers continue to come in for cleanings with a hygienist at least every six months.

3. Gum Disease Prevention

By keeping bad bacteria and plaque at bay, you’ll also prevent the chances of gum disease from developing. Gingivitis, the precursor to gum disease, typically starts because plaque is causing irritation or inflammation along the gums or within the gum pocket surrounding one or more teeth. Without treatment, gingivitis can turn into gum disease or periodontitis, which could cause permanent damage to your smile over time and halt your progress with Invisalign.

Regular dental visits ensure both your teeth and gums are healthy.

4. Decalcification Prevention

Have you ever heard that traditional braces cause white spots on teeth? These white spots are decalcification, and contrary to the popular belief, they aren’t necessarily caused by braces. In fact, it’s possible for decalcification to occur with Invisalign too. These white spots are the result of the demineralization of tooth enamel and can turn into a cavity.

In the case of Invisalign, food particles or bacteria can become trapped between a tooth and the aligner tray, gradually causing a white spot to form. This is why it’s really important to brush and floss very thoroughly, only wear aligners on clean teeth, and see your dentist as often as they recommend. If you do notice a white spot or any other type of discoloration, give your dentist a call right away.

5. Protecting Oral Microbiome

Your oral microbiome is home to an astonishing number of different bacteria, good and bad. Keeping bad bacteria low while supporting healthy bacteria is a delicate balance, but one that’s important in preventing oral disease and cavities and maintaining fresh breath. This balance is even more valuable for Invisalign wearers, as a healthy microbiome means optimal oral health and a complication-free straightening experience.

Your dentist will help you protect your oral microbiome by ensuring your teeth and gums are clean and bad bacteria aren’t able to get a foothold. They will also help you maintain fresh breath and prevent dry mouth and other possible symptoms you might experience while wearing Invisalign.

Invisalign Treatment and Complete Dental Care Under One Roof

Did you know Dixon, Boles, and Associates provide complete dental care as well as orthodontic treatment at our Wilson, NC, practice? We can not only help you straighten your teeth with Invisalign, but we can also take care of your preventive and general dental care all at the same time. To learn more about Invisalign or book an appointment, call our office or use this online form.

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