9 Key Tips on Finding the Best Family Dentist Near Wilson, NC

How to choose the best family dentist

Choosing a dentist that will meet your whole family’s needs can be challenging. There may be dozens or even hundreds of local dentists in a given area, so you must weigh your options carefully before scheduling an appointment. To find the best family dentist in Wilson, NC, it helps to know what you should look for. 

Not sure how to find a family dentist? The following tips will help you choose the best family dentist in Wilson, NC.

What is a family dentist? 

A family dentist is typically a group of general and specialty dentists who tailor their care to families, providing a one-stop solution for your family’s oral health.

For example, if you’re looking for an orthodontist in Wilson, NC, a family dental practice may provide orthodontics service in their office. This sort of convenience prevents you from having to shuttle back and forth between offices and makes it easier to keep track of appointments.

How to Find a Family Dentist

When seeking a new dentist, it’s helpful to create a list of non-negotiable desires or expectations.

What qualities are you looking for in a dentist? Having a list you can check off as you conduct your research allows you to quickly narrow down your choices. Here are a few strategies for putting such a list together:

1. Talk to family and friends. 

There’s likely no one you trust more than your family, friends, or coworkers. Ask them for referrals to get your list started. Learn what they like or don’t like about an office to see if it sounds like a place you’d be happy with. 

2. Consider the location. 

Location is always an essential factor to consider when choosing a new dentist. Some treatment plans require several appointments, so consider how far you’re willing to travel. If you don’t drive, look for an office that’s easily accessible using public transportation.

3. Look for specialties in multiple areas. 

The best family dentist in Wilson, NC, will have everything you and your loved ones need to maintain good oral health. Their office will provide services that span multiple specialties, so you won’t have to travel to multiple offices to complete treatment.

Some specialties and areas of focus you may need include:

  • General dentistry 
  • Cosmetic dentistry
  • Restorative dentistry
  • Orthodontics 
  • Oral surgery 

Look for a practice specializing in family dentistry to ensure that they can serve your entire family. This will make treatment more accessible and less stressful. 

4. Research the dentist’s credentials. 

Learning about a dentist’s experience and credentials can help you create a shortlist of local dentists. Note any specialty services they offer.

It’s also worth learning whether they’ve completed any additional training that may benefit your family, such as sedation dentistry for that person in your life struggling with dental anxiety.

5. Get a sense of the practice’s capacity.

There are undoubtedly many people like you seeking a family dentist or orthodontist in Wilson, NC. As such, you’ll want to ensure the practice you choose can support those demands. Look for offices with enough dentists and hygienists on staff to handle many patients.

6. Go with a kid-friendly environment. 

Look for an office with a warm, welcoming environment for children and adults alike. Evaluate the dentist’s communication style and see how they make you and your kids feel. Your kids will be more relaxed at the office and maintain good oral hygiene if they trust the dental team. 

7. Read reviews online.

Like any service-based business, dental offices will have online reviews available for you to browse. Reading these reviews can give you an idea of what to expect as a patient.

Take note of practices with many positive reviews, as they likely practice high-quality dentistry. Remember, any personal qualities or special skills noted by the reviewer and see if they match what you’re looking for. 

8. Ask about specific tools and equipment.

In this day and age, dentists need to have and use the most modern technology available. The right equipment makes it safer and more accessible for a dentist to provide treatment. It also helps to identify problems earlier and treat them faster and more comfortably. 

The best dentist in Wilson, NC, will employ sophisticated dental technology, making it clear that they stay current with industry developments.

9. Call and ask questions. 

Anytime you have questions about a facility or the services they provide, the best way to get an answer is to call them directly. Their website may not provide detailed information about topics like specialty services and payment options. Most practices will happily answer your questions when you give them a ring.

Top-Rate Family Dentistry in Wilson

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