Sleep Apnea Treatment Options


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Tue, 08/01/2017

If you’re suffering from sleep apnea in the Goldsboro area, it’s absolutely vital that you seek treatment as soon as possible. Sleep apnea, if left untreated, can seriously threaten your health and well-being – in particularly bad cases, it can even prove fatal.

At Boles, Ham, Dixon & Boles, we have years of experience helping our patients find a solution to their sleep apnea woes. Through the skillful application of these treatments, we can restore you to restful, healthy sleep.

In some cases, treatmen” can take the form of certain lifestyle changes. By losing weight, quitting smoking and reducing your consumption of alcohol, you can eliminate some of the most common risk factors for sleep apnea.

Sometimes, however, these lifestyle changes aren’t enough. In these cases, our dentists can assist with SomnoMed oral appliances. These appliances gently depress your tongue and re-align your jaw in such a way as to keep your airway open throughout the night.

A SomnoMed oral appliance is, for many patients, a much better option than a CPAP machine, which can be loud and uncomfortable. The oral appliances we offer create a clear airway silently and comfortably.

If you live in or around Goldsboro, North Carolina and you have questions about your sleep apnea treatment options, please call Boles, Ham, Dixon & Boles, DDS today at 252-291-2892.

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