“Bridge the Gap”: When is a Dental Bridge the Right Choice?

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Fri, 04/22/2016

Missing teeth can be problematic and uncomfortable. If you’re facing the obstacle of choosing between a dental bridge or a dental implant, and aren’t exactly sure which way to lean, we are here to put your mind at ease. At Boles Ham Dixon and Boles Cosmetic Dentistry, we want you to put your best smile forward. To assist you in the process, we wanted to share some information with you to help you make an informed decision, about why a dental bridge may be an appropriate choice for you.

Dental Bridge vs. Dental Implant—What’s the Difference?

When you are missing teeth, it can cause a series of problems including:

· Jaw bone deterioration

· Uneven wear

· Awkward or misshapen smile

That’s where dental implants and bridges come into play. But what’s the difference between the two?

A dental bridge is a replacement prosthetic tooth that is fixed into place by attaching to the natural adjacent teeth. The tooth that is being replaced is called the pontic, and the supporting teeth are the abutments. The process of creating a dental bridge starts by removing the enamel layer of the abutments. After this is completed, dental crowns replace the enamel layer on the abutments, and are cemented into place. The pontic, or replacement tooth, is attached to these new crowns. The end result is a three unit “bridge” that looks and acts like natural teeth.

Contrary to a dental bridge, a dental implant is a prosthetic root implanted and fused within the jawbone. A dental crown is then attached, allowing it to function and look like a natural tooth. Overall, implants are an attractive option to patients due to the fact that the implants do not decay, are less likely to develop gum disease and they are the only tooth replacement option that replaces both the missing tooth as well as the root. However, this procedure does require minor surgery, it comes with a bigger price tag than that of a dental bridge and it requires more planning and healing time.

Why Should You Choose a Dental Bridge?

Dental implants are the preferred procedure amongst patients due to their longevity. But, dental bridges are a great alternative that deliver similar results all while addressing and repairing the problems that arise with missing teeth. More often than not, a bridge is recommended when there is only one or two missing teeth. However, a dental bridge can also be suggested by your dentist if you don’t meet the following requirements for a dental implant:

· Sufficient quantity and quality of bone to support a dental implant

· The surrounding teeth and gums are healthy

· Quality of the adjacent teeth will allow for a natural-looking result

If you find that you don’t meet the requirements listed above, you can still achieve excellent results with dental bridges.

What We Can Do For You

If you want to create a confident smile with lasting results, a dental bridge is a great option. Our experienced professionals can help you make the decision that’s right for you. Whatever your cosmetic dentistry need, we can make your smile sparkle with our personalized procedures.

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