Are Dental Implants Permanent?

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Thu, 04/26/2018

Dental implants have been helping the overall oral health of patients since the 1950s. While there have been many improvements and innovations in dental implants throughout the years, the basic idea of the dental implant remains the same.

Unlike dentures that are only kept in place by adhering the false teeth to the gum line, dental implants are secured to your jawbone with titanium posts. Sounds invasive, but the benefits of dental implants far outweigh that of traditional dentures. Because they are secured directly into the bone, it affords the implants the strength needed to easily eat food, converse and go about your daily life without worrying about them coming loose.

To fully understand if dental implants are permanent, one must understand the basic terminology. There is a misconception that a dental implant is the post and entire tooth, when in actuality the real dental implant is just the titanium post. The visible portion of the implant, the tooth, is a prosthetic. So to clarify, yes, dental implants are permanent. Meaning the titanium post is permanent, but the prosthetic tooth itself isn’t necessarily a permanent fixture.

Benefits of our Greenville Dental Implants

Dental implants are popular for a variety of reasons. Missing one or all of your teeth can take a toll on your confidence and negatively impact your daily life. Fortunately there are solutions. The many advantages of dental implants include:

  • Improved eating habits and speech
  • Keeps your natural teeth in healthier shape than dentures or bridges
  • Eliminates messy adhesives that come along with dentures
  • Improved self esteem and confidence
  • Never a need to take your dentures or bridges out
  • Prevents jaw collapse through replacing the tooth root

If you happen to have a missing tooth, have lost multiple teeth, or in rare cases, have lost all of your teeth, getting professional dental implant restorative surgery is an excellent choice. A dental implant is the only solution that replaces the tooth root, and is usually the most long-lasting choice.

Important Oral Care Tips for Greenville Dental Implants

There are several healthy tips that will ensure your dental implants are successful and will last a lifetime. As with any medical procedure, it is wise to take the best care possible of your body and overall health.

  • Always practice excellent oral hygiene – Just like real teeth, you need to take good care of your implants as well. Your gums are still very important. Brushing twice a day, using interdental brushes and flossing will help to keep the areas between the implants free of debris and buildup.
  • Quit Smoking – This is no surprise. Not only does smoking compromise your entire immune system, but it weakens the bone structure that is there to hold the implant and prosthetic in place. Also, continued smoking can stain your implants.
  • Avoid Super Hard Foods – Chewing on ice is never advised, especially with dental implants. Hard candy, ice, or nuts can chip the crown of your prosthetic, as well as damage your natural teeth.

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