How Your Bite can Cause Headaches

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Mon, 10/01/2012

If you experience chronic, debilitating migraine headaches, it may be a good idea to discuss your condition with your dentist. Many people across the country go through extensive medical tests, but never receive an explanation as to the cause of their headaches. Instead, they must rely on painkillers to relieve the symptoms, but the underlying cause of the headache is never treated. In many of these cases, the headaches may be caused by a misaligned bite.

Severe migraine headaches are a common symptom of temporomandibular jaw disorder (TMJ), a painful condition caused when your jaw becomes misaligned. These bite issues create additional stress on your jaw muscles, leading to a variety of painful symptoms including headaches.

The dentists at Boles, Ham, Dixon & Boles can help you correct your bite alignment issues in order to eliminate painful TMJ symptoms such as migraine headaches. There are two phases to our treatment. The first phase uses TENS therapy to deliver electrical pulses of energy to your nerves in order to relax your jaw muscles and eliminate the pain. During the second phase of your treatment, our dentists will fit you with a custom mouthguard to be worn at night. This mouthguard will help restore proper alignment to your bite, correcting the underlying condition which caused your headaches.

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