What Causes Sensitive Teeth?

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Mon, 12/08/2014

When tooth enamel wears away, the second layer of teeth called the dentin becomes exposed. Unlike enamel, dentin is a soft, porous tissue that can be aggravated by a variety of factors. Our Rocky Mount dentists can diagnose your tooth sensitivity and suggest treatments for reducing discomfort.

Patients with sensitive teeth might wince when they eat or drink something sweet or acidic, or expose their teeth to hot or cold temperatures. The sharp, shooting pain is often an indicator of sensitivity, but the reason one or more teeth feel tender can vary.

Possible causes of tooth sensitivity include:

  • Teeth grinding
  • A break, crack, or cavity in the tooth
  • Placement of a filling or other restoration for a damaged tooth
  • Brushing your teeth too often or with too much force
  • Gum recession, sometimes due to gum disease
  • Erosion from soda, coffee, and other acidic beverages
  • Inflammation or infection of dental pulp, necessitating a root canal procedure

Many patients report sensitivity after bleaching their teeth, especially with over-the-counter products. This occurs when gum tissue comes into contact with a whitening solution.

Professional teeth whitening minimizes the risk of sensitivity by protecting your gums from exposure to bleaching agents. Our cosmetic dentists can also modify the strength of the whitening agent for better aesthetic results and to avoid aggravating sensitive teeth.

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