White Fillings vs. Metal Fillings

Wilson, Greenville, Goldsboro, Rocky Mount, Raleigh & nearby areas

Tue, 06/12/2012

As a repair for a decayed tooth, dental fillings restore the structure and function of your tooth. Modern materials make it possible to fill a tooth without using unsightly metal. White fillings provide durability without sacrificing the brightness of your smile.

Although traditional metal fillings can effectively fill a tooth damaged by decay, this type of filling has several disadvantages, including:

  • Can cause your teeth to look gray
  • Metal is noticeable when your mouth is open
  • Often require a substantial amount of tooth structure be removed
  • Expand and contract in response to temperature fluctuations

Because they expand and contract in response to hot and cold, metal fillings are susceptible to cracking and fracturing.

White fillings are made from a composite material. Commonly used in family dentistry, these dental fillings have several advantages, including:

  • Tooth-colored material can be closely matched to your natural teeth
  • Often requires only a minimal amount of tooth structure be removed
  • Form a strong chemical bond with your tooth

White fillings are widely used today because they restore your tooth while retaining the aesthetics of your smile.

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